Highest Wind LLC

Developing Economical Persistent Airborne Platforms
Highest Wind’s concept, patented technology, and vision are based on the following fundamental and, we believe, revolutionary questions:
1. What if an aircraft were ten-times less expensive to operate?
2. With much lower operational costs, which of today’s ground-based applications could then become airborne?

Highest Wind is developing an economical airborne platform that does not require:
– a pilot, either on-board or remote.
– fuel or other consumables (helium or hydrogen).
– maintenance and repair costs within an order of magnitude of any existing flying vehicle.

Identified applications for this economical airborne platform include most applications that currently reside atop a tower:
– wind energy – for the developing and developed world.
– atmospheric sampling – for improved weather and wind prediction
– aerial surveillance – for military protection and border patrols
– radio transmitters/repeaters – for military and rural communities